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     We are passionate about working tirelessly for a world where every person has the opportunity to live a dignified and fulfilling life, regardless of their origin, gender or circumstances. We believe in the power of love and mutual understanding, and are dedicated to promoting and facilitating the fundamental right of every individual to achieve their dreams and aspirations. With each gesture of generosity and solidarity, we move closer to our vision of a future where equal opportunities are a reality for all. Join us on this mission, building together a world where human dignity is the foundation on which all lives are built.

- Joe Granda - 

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Our focus is on:

- Articulate projects that impact transformation processes – education to increase growth opportunities, providing tools for personal, family, professional and social development through comprehensive care.

- Generate emotional well-being through fun, recreation, recognition and appreciation of the BEING.

- Promote mental health, through recreational-educational activities, activity
physical and community awareness, empowered by the SER.

- Develop individual and collective capabilities as a means to transform and generate well-being in society, seeking to eradicate poverty and promote peace.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Our vision

We envision building a country and a world in solidarity with the human capacity to live in equity and justice, where each person can have a dignified life, translate their life project into reality and fulfill dreams, developing well-being by being agents of change.

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Our Values


We build a development approach based on Human Rights, aimed at compliance and eradicating inequality in the communities with which we work.


We ensure the achievement of our objectives and seek the most significant impact of our actions through quality, continuous improvement, and optimization of our capabilities and resources.



We promote democratic principles and
participatory as a necessary means for social transformation and as an inherent development goal.



We base our work on honesty, mutual responsibility, and maximum access to information, as pillars of social and economic accountability to our partners, collaborators, donors, beneficiaries, and society in general.



We believe in teamwork and collaboration with other organizations and institutions to enhance synergies and improve the performance of our work.

Our team

Our team was formed by Joe Granda with the goal of recruiting the most talented and passionate people to achieve our goals. Alongside Joe, Clary and Oscar is an incredible team of volunteers who help us succeed every step of the way.

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